Hostess® brands are back and available for retailers to pre-order at Albert Guarnieri & Company to be shipped in July 2013. Consumers and Retailers are excited about the relaunch of Hostess Brands. 

Benefits for the Retailer:

  • Inventory Control: The #1 complaint in DSD network was poor service, out of stocks, and lack of store coverage.
  • Revenue and Dollar Margins: Hostess delivers more revenue and dollar margin per item than the competition.
  • Merchandising: Easy to merchandise inner box system, tear away boxes with glossy graphics. Easy to use racking system for in line or dedicated displays.
  • Fresh Product: 45 day shelf life from bake is up to 43% more shelf life at retail than DSD.
  • Customer Demand: Consumers did not switch but many left the category due to loss of Hostess.  Bring those customers back to your stores with Hostess.
  • Incremental Purchases: Sweet Baked Goods is a high impulse item that increases the basket ring in store.

Contact us today for more information on how you can take part in this amazing opportunity. 

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